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Android Accessibility

Chris Hofstader writes:

Thus far, we’ve explored Android accessibility from my personal perspective a (totally blind user who doesn’t read braille) and from the view of a deaf-blind person who access his computational devices using braille only. The results of these extensive bits of research (I spent three months using a Google Nexus/7 on a daily basis and Scott tested as much as possible with braille only) demonstrate that, from the perspective of these two classes of user, that, out-of-the-box, the Android accessibility experience is dismal. This article, the third and probably last entry in my Android series demonstrates why, according to a number of blind Android developers, this is the case.

Thorough, thoughtful, and brilliantly written piece that does a much better job of laying out all of the Android problems in a clear and concise way than anything I’ve seen to date.

This is the flip side of the coin from my post earlier today. In this case, we have Google, a company who has a demonstratively poor record in terms of accessibility, continuing to display an utter lack of commitment. These are the cases when we have a responsibility to call out the companies in question.

You owe it to yourself to read this article. Hats off to Chris for taking the time to do such a complete analysis.