“Life is a wheel, and if you wait long enough, it always comes back around to where it started.”

—Stephen King

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Haven Divided Has Been Released 📚

Tue. 31/Jul/2018, 08:52am

Haven Divided: The Dragon's Brood Cycle, Vol. 2 — by Josh de Lioncourt

Today’s the day! Haven Divided, the second volume of The Dragon’s Brood Cycle, has been released for Kindle worldwide.

If you’re just getting started with The Dragon’s Brood Cycle, the first volume, Haven Lost, is free on Kindle for a limited time, as is the short companion story Harmony’s Song. You can also check out this guest blog post I wrote for Proof Positive.

It’s been a long time in coming, and I’m incredibly proud of this book. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me through this journey. I really can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of Emily’s continuing adventures.

Thanks for reading!

Haven Divided Is Available for Pre-order 📚

Fri. 13/Jul/2018, 12:00pm

I am incredibly excited to finally type those words. Haven Divided: The Dragon’s Brood Cycle, Vol. 2 is available to pre-order from the Kindle store. It will be released on 31/July, and the paperback edition will be released shortly thereafter.

A soiled and creepy hand reaches out from a background of autumn leaves. The hand holds a large gold coin embossed with the face of a woman, a rose and clover in her hair. Haven Divided: The Dragon's Brood Cycle, Vol. 2 — by Josh de Lioncourt

Forever is comprised of nows…

Emily Haven and her friends have been given the seemingly impossible task of uniting the worlds—a mission they failed once before, in another lifetime.

But Emily made a promise, and she intends to keep it. A small boy risked his life to save hers, and while Michael sets out to rejoin the Dragon’s Brood, she heads east with Celine and Corbbmacc to rescue Daniel from a band of desert slavers.

Time does not stand still, however, and the dark legends are true. They deal in blue fire; they deal in death; and they travel through the long nights on autumn winds. Samhain has come, and this year, the harvest will be in blood, gold, and souls.

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Josh de Lioncourt is the author of The Dragon’s Brood Cycle, an epic fantasy series. He was born and raised in California and enjoys writing projects in a wide variety of fields, including fiction, music, software, tech articles, and more. He has written on Apple accessibility for Macworld and Maccessibility, hosts or participates regularly on several podcasts, and writes and records music with Molly, his wife. Josh enjoys the works of Stephen King, the music of George Michael, Masters of the Universe, home-roasted coffee, and Los Angeles Kings hockey. He currently lives in Pennsylvania.



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